Episode 59 - Chelmsford

On today’s show, Alison Cork travels to Chelmsford to see how Laura Hems and her fiancée Richard Lyman are getting on now.

Watch 11:10 Thursday 22 Oct 2015 on Channel 5

When this young couple bought their first place together, their dream flat soon turned into a nightmare... The basement rooms had severe damp problems ... Richard had stopped the rot by digging a trench around the front to of the house by himself - and filling it with gravel... But the space was still in a terrible mess...

John Russell and designer Ed Robinson and builder Martin Gonzalez had come to Laura and Richard’s rescue by drying the basement out, redecorating it and building a fabulous walk in wardrobe.

They also enlisted the help of some of the couple’s friends and family, to throw a surprise engagement party for them both – in their lovely new basement rooms...!

In this update episode, Alison Cork is back a few weeks on to see how Laura and Richard are getting on with the new space. They love it – and are convinced they should move their bedroom down there... Alison shows them why it’s best to keep their bedroom upstairs – and offers advice on creating a new bathroom in the room downstairs...

Thanks to Our Suppliers

In Episode 59 - Chelmsford of Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs we worked with many generous, talented suppliers across the exterior and interior of the house build and refit. Click the link below and find out more about who helped us on this episode.

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