Episode 58 - Bromley

On today’s show, Alison Cork is travelling to Bromley, South London, to meet Jo Guest, her partner Dave and her 19 year old son Nathan.

Watch 11:10 Wednesday 21 Oct 2015 on Channel 5

When we first met Jo, Dave and Nathan, some bathroom bodging meant they’d been without a shower for 6 months, after DIY enthusiast Jo decided to fix a leak.

Melinda Messenger, Martin Gonzalez and Ed Robinson worked with our build and design teams to transform and makeover their bathroom and bedroom, while Dan Lobb investigated how to take on a big bathroom build successfully...

In this update episode, Alison Cork returns to see how they’re all getting on with the bathroom and bedroom and is pleased to find that having this room completed and functional had made a huge difference to all their lives. And now Jo’s been inspired to tackle the kitchen too... Alison and Jo take a look at the space and then visit a kitchen showroom for some further advice...

Thanks to Our Suppliers

In Episode 58 - Bromley of Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs we worked with many generous, talented suppliers across the exterior and interior of the house build and refit. Click the link below and find out more about who helped us on this episode.

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