Episode 49 - Ringmer

On today’s show, we’re in Ringmer, East Sussex with Alex and Bridget Cook and their two children, Sam aged ten and eight year old Tilly.

Watch 11:10 Wednesday 7th Oct 2015 on Channel 5

For four years, they have poured blood, sweat and tears and all their cash into their house. From a leaky roof to an exploding radiator, every time Alex started a new DIY job, another problem would rear its head. Now the couple are overwhelmed by how big this project has become. So the team are here to help get this family’s dream back on track. Whilst Melinda Messenger gets to the root of the family’s problems, Martin Gonzalez the builder starts from scratch in the couple’s ensuite. With all their roofing woes, Dan Lobb explores an interesting alternative to the conventional roof. Meanwhile back at the house, work has ground to a halt because of a power cut. While interior designer Edward Robinson’s got a dilemma of his own how will he fit a bed and a desk in Sam’s very small bedroom?

Thanks to Our Suppliers

In Episode 49 - Ringmer of Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs we worked with many generous, talented suppliers across the exterior and interior of the house build and refit. Click the link below and find out more about who helped us on this episode.

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