Episode 40 - West-Sussex

On today’s show, Dan Lobb, Alison Cork and Edward Robinson are in Crawley, West Sussex to meet Matt and Lauren Wennington and their energetic five-year-old son Harry.

Watch 11:10 Monday 22 Jun 2015 on Channel 5

Matt and Lauren hoped they’d bagged a bargain for their family home, with a 1970s house that they thought just needed a bit of updating.  But they soon discovered they’d bitten off more than they could chew when the boiler went on the blink, windows needed replacing and they unearthed problems with the electrics and plumbing. With their makeover budget now swallowed up by building work, Matt took on the challenge of redoing the family bathroom himself. But in his enthusiasm, he didn’t shut the water off properly flooding the floor and ruining the downstairs WC!

So the Cowboy Builders Team come to the rescue of these daunted DIY-ers, hoping to get their home transformation back on track.  Dan Lobb and builder Martin Gonzalez are on hand to sort out the damage to their smallest room, and give Matt a few pointers on plumbing and pipework.  Dan’s in search of some expert advice on how to keep your boiler working perfectly and learns some of the tell-tale signs that show carbon monoxide leakage.

 Meanwhile Interior Designers Alison Cork and Edward Robinson are on a mission to create a sumptuous bedroom for the couple to relax in at the end of their busy day. They’re even given a helpful painting lesson by five-year-old Harry! Edward’s ordered new furniture to complete the transformation – but disaster strikes when it fails to arrive. It’s starting to look like Matt and Lauren’s new bedroom might be minus a wardrobe, chest of drawers, even a bed...

Thanks to Our Suppliers

In Episode 40 - West-Sussex of Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs we worked with many generous, talented suppliers across the exterior and interior of the house build and refit. Click the link below and find out more about who helped us on this episode.

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